Organic Gardening for a Sustainable Future

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Think Global,  Plant Local

Organic gardening, homestead farms and supporting community agriculture are becoming the wave of the future.

Ask yourself:organic vegetable basket

Family Gardens is the answer to these questions which I asked myself many years ago while still living in suburbia. For the last thirty years, my family and I have been creating a small permaculture homestead. Growing food and feeding my family from the land is deeply fulfilling... I would like to share my love of gardening and small scale homestead farming with you.

"Living close to the earth and the seasonal cycles has given me a great appreciation for the food I eat and the need to grow our food in an earth friendly, animal friendly way."
- David Rose

Dig in and plant your roots,  the garden of your life will grow fruitful!

Family Gardens Will Help You:

Planting potatoes
Planting Potatoes

Get your children excited about learning how to garden and being involved in growing their own food. Encourage them to have fun outside by putting outdoor toys and childrens swing sets in your yard and teach them that gardening can be just as fun as playing.

Our Family Gardens online garden supply store has a great selection of garden products.

These Homesteaing books will help you learn how to grow great organic gardens, build a green house and a chicken coop and generate your own power. 

There is a new wave of Victory Gardens being planted all across the country in suburban backyards, rural homesteads, and container gardens on apartment balcony’s. There is even a Victory Garden planted on the White House lawn! People are also looking for best led grow light for the money. They all want to grow weed at home and expand their living. Weed growing at home is kind of new trend.

Join the victory garden campaign. It is a roots movement to empower the people to take care of themselves. Leave a living legacy for our grandchildren and the next seven generations!

Family Gardens is planting the seeds of hope to share our vision of a better world!Family Garden E-book

A people that can feed themselves are in control of their destiny!

This organic gardening ebook is a basic guide to planting your victory garden.
Everything you need to know is in this gardening ebook, preparing your soil, planting your seeds and growing your own food. Included are gardening tips, a planting calendar, free garden design...

Organic gardening is fun and easy especially with some good gardening advise.
Learn more about organic gardens, composting, earthworms, and container gardens. Do some garden planning and grow a Victory garden!

Garden supplies, seeds and tools for the organic gardener. Find it here!
These garden supplies and seeds will help you in the creation of your organic garden. Support your local nursery or check out these reputable seed companies and gardener supply stores.

Victory garden, for better food and a better world- A living legacy.
Join the Victory Garden campaign as we grow a strong foundation for the renewal of our nation. Plant your organic seeds today! A permaculture solution to food and pollution.

Homesteading a Permaculture Victory Garden in Northern California
Our family has been homesteading for 30 years and we hope to inspire you to do some vegetable gardening and to cultivate a sustainable, permaculture life style. Plant a victory garden today!

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Organic Gardening ebook

              instructions book

Step by step guide to your organic garden, which includes garden planning, composting, a garden calendar and everything you need to know to grow a victory garden your first year!

            garden poster

The Rose Family Victory Garden

I have been homesteading for the last 30 years in a remote valley in the mountains of Northern California.

A sustainable life in what some people would call a “Permaculture Homestead”.

Living on a beautiful river we are growing about 80 % of our food in large organic gardens. 

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to raise my children on our homestead farm.

Free On Line Organic Gardening Course

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Learn how to plan, prepare and plant an organic garden today.

Sign up now or click here for more information on my "Free On Line Organic Gardening Course".
I would love to share my love of gardening and small scale homestead farming with you.quoted text

gardener farmer Dave 

Our family doesn't wonder where their food comes from.

Grow your own You can tell the difference! 

Farmer Dave