Join Today’s Victory Garden Movement!                     An Old Idea for a New Era

       A permaculture solution to food and pollution!

           Backyard gardens, community gardens,   school gardens, windowsill gardens--they all count. 

If you are already a gardener, be a "Companion Planter" and encourage a new gardener through advice, seedlings and other get-started help.
With the corporate production of our food, the quality suffers as does the land the crops are grown on and the pollution created through the spraying and burning of fossil fuels to grow and transport our food.
To get good and especially organic food the costs are high and rising. In a time of global food shortages and high fuel costs it is becoming not only economical but crucial to grow a large percentage of your own food at home or to support the local farmers that do. Even apartment dwellers and urban homesteaders  can do some container gardening to bring some home grown organic food to the table.

Our "Victory garden" ebook gives you a simple approach to growing an organic vegetable garden.

Organic gardening will change the national paradigm creating a permanent and sustainable culture...Permaculture!

There are many things you can do today to help reduce your carbon foot print; from saving electricity to driving fewer miles or conserving water.  

Planting an organic vegetable garden keeps your food miles down, gives you control over how much water you use and waste and saves electricity used in industrial agriculture. Check out our garden supplies and garden tools and get started now on your own victory garden.

Most food is grown with diesel burning tractors, sprayed with oil based chemicals and trucked 1500 to 3000 miles on diesel trucks from field to table.
That’s a long way and quite the carbon foot print.

Growing an organic garden has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to walk off your carbon foot print, and it has great side effects!
Free home grown food, exercise, and a sense of fullness and health.Not to mention saving money on the grocery bill, the gym and the doctor.

Check out our Organic gardening magazine for monthly updates on the Victory Garden campaign and lots of great gardening tips!

                Plant a seed and watch it grow.

Join today and receive our Family Garden Gazette with current updates and great gardening articles. I will answer questions and share a little gardening advise to give you a good start in your organic garden. 

A permaculture solution to food and pollution.

Victory Garden WWII

    If they could do it so can we!!

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Victory Garden Poster

Join Todays Victory
Garden Movement! Millions of Americans are planting seeds for an organic revolution.
During World War I and World War II the United States government asked its citizens to plant victory gardens in order to support the war effort. Millions of people planted gardens creating an historic movement.

The permaculture movement of today does not support  war. It supports  peace and planetary  health. Help us leave a living legacy. 

A permanent culture for our children and the generations to come.