Organic Garden Supply                     Organic seeds and gardening tools           for your victory gardens!

If you are new to organic gardening it is good to find a favorite organic garden supply company. You will need to get a few basic organic garden supplies, gardening tools and of course seeds. The "Victory Garden" ebook will teach you just how to get a great garden your first year.

Seasoned gardeners will also find this section helpful as it seems that occasionally need replacing, and there are usually at least some seeds you didn't save. There are always new innovations and little extras you may want to try out.

For the large garden and small homestead farm, some farm machinery and implements can really cut down on your work.
When I was in my 20’s and a young idealist I exclusively hand farmed. I thought it was bad to use machines, in my 30’s I started using a roto tiller and mower, now in my 50’s I am in the market for a tractor, part of my retirement plan…

For more information about the various supplies, seeds and tools that make gardening easier and more fun click the links below.

As we work toward a better world we need to support earth friendly, local business whenever possible. I am building a directory of good organic garden supply companies and appreciate suggestions from people that know of good reputable businesses.  Leave us a note on our Contact page.

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    Time to grow some of your own food and  flowers.

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    Create a beautiful garden now. Check out some of these great seed and garden companies to get a good start!

    See my favorite tree pruning tools and learn more about pruning fruit trees with these fruit tree pruning instructions.


    Organic Garden Seeds and Garden Planner

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    Gardener's Supply Company

    This Organic vegetable  Gardening ebook

    organic gardening book

    Will help you learn how to use of these garden tools and show you some great pictures of them in action.