Homesteading for a sustainable future            Who we are and where we come from

Rose Family Homestead

                                   The Rose Family

We have been homesteading for the last 30 years in a remote valley in the mountains of Northern California. Living simply in what some people would call a “Permaculture Homestead”.

Living on a beautiful river we are growing about 80 % of our food inGoat kids large organic gardens. We raise a milk cow, some goats, a steer and some chickens. Living close to the earth and the seasonal cycles has given us a great appreciation for the food we eat and the need to grow our food in an earth friendly, animal friendly way.

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to raise my children on our homestead farm. They don’t wonder where their food comes from and they sure can tell the difference in taste and quality of our home grown food compared to what we buy in the store when we are out visiting friends.

Before I ever heard of permaculture I wanted to create a sustainable future for my family. A place where we could live simply, birth our babies at home, grow our own food and home school our children.

 I had a dream, now I am living that dream!

I grew up in California suburbia, in the 60’s and early 70’s and always felt out of place as if something was missing in my life. Growing up our family had a back yard and a front yard and no vegetable garden in sight. I didn’t even think of one until I saw a friends dad dig up his back yard lawn and plant a garden.

He talked about how good the food was going to be and how much healthier it would be because it was organically grown. When I had my first taste of a ripe tomato from his garden I knew just what he was talking about. I dreamed of finding a wife and living on some land growing my own food and raising my family.

As my older children have grown, they have very different dreams
  than I had. Our older kids come and go, help us out, enjoy the river and take some cheese and garden veggies with them as some of them go off to college, or start their own families and homesteads.permaculture goats 

One of my greatest joys is to see how much our grand children love our homestead farm.

Loving their dreams!


 After 20 years with no form of communication to the outside world  we got a computer and satellite Internet which we power with a combination of solar and hydro power. This has enabled me to develop my "Victory Garden" ebook and web site in hopes that I can help inspire and teach you to live your dreams in a sustainable and earth friendly way.Farmer Dave

 Our Family Garden web site and "Victory Garden ebook" are designed to help you
 create a beautiful and abundant garden.

For more information on  homesteading check out our Family Gardens organic gardening blog. 

Join the Victory Garden campaign for a
victory in your life!

                                                                                    Sincerely Farmer Dave

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Growing your own food   can be a family affair.

victory garden    The School of life! 

 A whole new dimension in learning. Plant a seed and watch it grow, the magic of the universe you will know.

Planting an organic garden is one step you can take to outsmart the multinational corporations that have a monopoly on our food and energy. 

Besides that growing your own food is fun and tasty! The Family Garden Gazette offers great gardening tips and will keep you updated on the Rose Family homestead farm.   

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