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YES! I want to grow my favorite veggies, the tastiest fruits, and the best organic homegrown food I can imagine. – the simple, organic way!

Please send me Organic Garden Magic my free online organic gardening course. Mine to keep FREE! I’m ready to sign up so I can receive my easy-to-follow, 7-step organic gardening course.

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Farmer Dave

compost corn seed


        Our Grandpa sure knows how to grow        great corn!

    Farmer Dave

Plant a seed and watch it grow, you'll be gald you did.


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Abundant Gardens

Did you know that you can get big harvests from little gardens...?



  • All your salads
  • Enough cucumbers to make pickles to last all winter long
  • Plenty of tomatoes
  • Peppers, squash, corn, potatoes
    and so much more....

Tip One

Gardner's Gold

Compost is the key to abundant harvests!

Composting doesn’t have to be hard, just follow Step 4 of your Free Online Garden Course and you will produce great compost every time. This amazing compost will feed your soil bringing you great produce - harvest after harvest...

Tip Two

Water Melon Madness

wateremelon harvest

For the sweetest juiciest water melons, give them a thump and listen for the sound described in Step 6 of your free organic garden course. You’ll be smiling with joy when you see their bright red center and taste their ripeness.

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