Gardening Plan

Your gardening plan will give you a good start on your path to a great organic garden!

A good gardening plan is your next step in growing your
Organic Victorygarden plan Garden, it will help guide you in preparing your garden area and buying your seeds.

Visualize your creation!

Then you can create  a very simple plan that  you write out, draw a garden map or create a virtual garden using  an online garden planner. 

Here is an example of a fun garden planner
which can be used for regular or square foot gardening.

Try out your free garden planner here.

Picture a beautiful “Victory” garden. Imagine the garden you have energy to start today and the garden you would like to see in fi
ve years.

Although gardens tend to be living organisms that grow and change in unexpected ways , a good long term vision will help you choose a good place for your garden beds, fruit trees and berry bushes and other perennials that you may not be ready to plant your first year. If you have some space, visualize a beautiful garden with some sitting areas, maybe a gazebo, possibly a swing set or play area for kids , a patio or BBQ.

Every good plan will consist of: 
 Think of how all these elements will interrelate and enhance each other, creating the beautiful garden of your dreams.

Develop a good garden calendar that reflects your own garden, and your first and last frost days.
If you would like to learn more about what goes into a gardening plan and how to draw your own check out my 
Victory Garden ebook chapter 5

You can also use some very innovative computer garden programs. 

Garden PlannerClick for a great  on line Gardening

Some of these programs will help you map out your garden, choose the right crops for your area and learn when to plant them

The late fall and winter are great times for garden plans, ordering  seeds, and garden supplies for the new garden season is just ahead.

Enjoy your organic garden creation!