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      Gardening is fun all year long,  there is always                    something to do on the homestead farm. 

  Lets make a gardening calendar together
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Lets make a gardening calendar together

Share some inspiration or find some in the entries below.

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Gardeners are always up to something, check out these new posts today

Do you need some new ideas?
See what other gardeners are up to this season. Feel free to comment on their posts or add one of your own. Planting the seeds of inspiration for a new garden season!

Mulched and Mulched July 11, 2012 
Today I rushed home and did some mulching. I'm always surprised at how one can go through so much and hardly cover what you imagined you would. My little …

Vincent Vegie Garden 
I live in zone 6/7... 3 years a go I did my 1st gardening at this location. It's been a real struggle. I moved from the most wonderful.."can grow anything" …

Feb. 1, 2011 Composting 
Making Compost I got the leaves raked up and piled them up in the compost bins along with kitchen scrapes, and added some previously decomposed matter. …

Jan. 1, 2011 - Starting Seeds 
Lander Michael's Garden starts today! Very Inspiring keep up the good work and keep us posted! Do you have any pictures to add there always fun. …

Crab grass 
Time to rid yourself of Crab Grass Now is an excellent time to pull crabgrass in preparation for fall over seeding in Kansas. My lawn gets crabgrass …

Planting Potatoes 6-1-2010 
Planting potatoes on June 1st this year. In Northern California potato planting is usually done in early April for our early summer eating potatoes …

Garden basket 
The children are going to put seeds of mushrooms, lettuce, peas, cucumber, celery & Carrots

4-14-2010 Succesion Planting 
Succession Planting If you would like to have a continual supply of garden veggies its time for some succession planting. I just got done planting another …

Spring gardening 
i am 11 and i have 2 greenhouses and 2 alotments i started gardaning when i was 8

Sugar Snap Peas 3-10-2010 
March Planting of sugar snap peas! This should give me some peas in mid June if all goes well. I prepared my pea bed by digging out all the grasses in …

March gardening in Trillium Woods 
Our farmstead, Trillium Woods, is located in the foothills of Mount Rainier, about 30 miles from the west entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park. We're …

Planting fruit trees 01-16-2010  
Happy New Year gardeners I am in Northern CA and it was a pretty dry fall and the start of winter. We had a prediction for rain so I got out and planted …

March 2012 
Organic Matter Matters Undoubtedly, my greatest single delight of springtime occurs soon after the soil has thawed and the sun has warmed …

garden relocation 3/15/12 
I've been vegetable gardening since we bought our home in 2004. The only problem has been that we have a tree filled lot with virtually no usuable, plantable …

A Growing Passion 
A Growing Passion Today I'm going to plant 3 trays of tomato seed and 2 trays of melons and maybe 1 tray of cucumbers after work. I'm going to sit the …

Gardening in Northeast Texas 
Gardening in North Texas I have been planting a garden for about 30 yrs. I have always tried to practice organic gardening,I say practice , because …

Garden calendar, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Broccoli 3-4-2011 
Garden Plans Every Sunday I will be posting my gardening plans for the next week, in case you need a little inspiration! I live in far Northern California …

2-21-11 Greenhouse in Snow 
Here is a photo of our greenhouse and it is covered in snow. You cannot tell but it is planted with 20 flats of cold hardy veggies. Hope this picture warms …

Free Mulch Field Trip 
Even though we are under 8 inches of snow, my husband took some of the children to shovel up mulch in a nearby town. This is a first for us. We are …

2/16/2011 Pruning 
We got over a couple of really hard freezes in Ft Worth, TX, got out and inspected the damages to my Gardenia shrubs they were 4 1/2 ft tall, well in-spite …

Log Cabin Garden 
First garden EVER! Lets keep our fingers crossed! (: Post some before pictures and then keep us updated as your garden grows. Farmer Dave

Planting Cabbage 2/9/11 
Started cabbage & brocolli seeds today! Farmer Dave will be starting some soon too and his lettuce, and spinach and chard is up and growing in flats …

Gardening Plan 
Organic Gardening Plan It's time to start your gardening plan for the New Year. Here in Northern California we are having a cold and stormy winter …

Gardening Plan 
Organic Gardening Plan It's time to start your gardening plan for the New Year. Here in Northern California we are having a cold and stormy winter …

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Mulching Potatoes 
Mulch your potatoes If you are in a hot climate mulching your potatoes will preserve water and keep your potatoes cool. Mulch will also step-up your …

Summer Gardening 6-2-2010 
Summer gardening! Our summer gardens are finally planted!! I have been waiting to do some summer gardening to prepare and plant my summer garden for …

Planting Onions 5-27-09 
This year we are planting my onions a little late but as they say better late than never. It has been such a cool wet spring it has been hard to get all …

Garlic care, weeding today, 3-7-2010 
Garlic Care in March means weeding. Today we weeded our garlic with a hula hoe, then I roto tilled the paths to kill the weeds in the paths. In a few days …

Vegetable Garden Seeds 3-4-2010 
Plant your vegetable garden seeds now in your green house or cold frame. I am in Northern California in Zone 9 with a last frost date usually around …

Planting lettuce, planting pots, 2-24-2010 
In Northern California its time for planting lettuce in planting pots or flats. If you live where it is starting to feel like spring (at least on the warm …

Green Manure, cover crop, 2-22-2010 
Green manure also known as cover crop is a great way to build your soil. Today we planted a green manure cover crop at the Bar 717 Ranch also known as …

Planting peas 2-20-2010 
Its only mid February but spring is in the air. Today it is warm (about 60 degrees) and sunny! Planting fever has struck, so we put in some peas. It is …

Garden cloche - fertalize and plant 2-18-2010 
Time to fertilize our cold frame and soon it will be time to plant some flats. In Northern California it is still pretty cold and wintry but we had a …

Vegetable garden Seeds 01/28/2010 
Greetings Gardeners Its time for ordering your organic vegetable garden seeds and planning your garden. It has been raining and snowing a lot in Northern …

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